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  • I love music, art, photography, dogs, food, and heaps more:)
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So I believe that many of you have heard of the word “crayon” before. Well, at least back in the old days when we were all in prep school. The word itself might remind us about those colouring things that we used as kids or something about art. BUT!! Did you know that THIS CRAYON has another meaning!

This is not like other crayons!

This is not like other crayons!

Yeah, that’s right! As the picture says, it basically means “crazy on”, but just to make it sounds simpler and cool, I use the word “crayon” instead!

The purpose of this blog is to share “your crayon” with others and me! And when I say “crayon”, I mean anything that you THINK about it more than THREE times a week. For example, your crayon dog, cat, art, music, photography, shopping, travel, or something stupid like baby talking even you’re a teenager… you know what I’m saying right?

So I’ll be sharing my crayons and you’ll be sharing yours, and together, we can fill this blog with all the craze and fun from everywhere around the world! I hope you guys will enjoy SHARING AND GETTING YOUR CRAYON WITH ME!!


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