So I’m back once again with my new crayon! (what’s crayon?!) Actually, I have been getting my crayon this for a while now…but I still think it’d be cool to share with you guys^^!



Stylenanda is a Korean clothing brand and OMG IT IS AWESOME<3! It was launched in 2004 as an online shopping site only, but now Stylenanda has opened up their own flagship store in Hongdae, and Myeong-Dong Lotte Youngplaza.

If you love fashion, especially Korean style, Stylenanda is a place for you! They sell the coolest stuff eva! from all kind of clothes, accessories, makeup to shoes and home deco. And these are ready to be shipped worldwide! So you can purchase their stuff from anywhere at anytime^^.



Stylenanda is one of the top clothing stores in Korea. Being worn and used by many Korean celebrities, Stylenanda has been proven that the site is truly for anyone who loves fashion and new trends.


Black dress worn by f(x)’s Luna (Kpop singer)


Grey jumper worn by SISTAR’s Bora (left-kpop singer)


Blue furry jacket worn by f(x)’s Krystal (kpop singer)


Firstly, I LOVE KPOP and ANYTHING THAT’S KOREAN! I really love their music and culture, especially in the area of looks and appearance. — I think they care about it and pull it off really well.

Secondly, OMG! THE STYLENANDA’S MODELS! They’re soooo pretty! They’re like my inspiration to be skinny and to look after myself more and more^^~. It is surprisingly effective and this also enhances the product’s appearance as well^^.

Thirdly, this is where I catch up with all the Korean trends and styles in overseas! It is always a delight to look up a fashion site and catch up with the latest things! (don’t you girls agree? leave me a comment!)






So that’s it for today’s crayon! Sorry that this one is a bit short…I have no time to write this at all-_-. I promise the next one will be longer+better!


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Pearypie Makeup Artist

Howzit Crayoners?!

So for today’s Crayon, I am going to introduce someone to you! Her name is Amata Chittasenee, or also known as Pearypie.



Amata Chittasenee, or Pearypie is a Thai young makeup artist who has been gaining lots of fan on the social network and in the world of fashion. She has been studying abroad in England for six years, in which when combined with her Thai background, Pearypie has created her own unique stlyes and ideas.

She fell in love with makeup/art in the age of 17 when first got her blue eyeliner. And from that point, she has developed her skills in those areas ALL BY HERSELF! (Can you believe that? wow!). She was not enrolled in makeup school, but has always been keen to ask for tips from the makeup counters, watched the youtube tutorials, or looked at fashion magazines.


These are just a few of them! Enjoy:)


Dark Side by Pearypie


Pearypie at London Fashion Week 2012


Pearypie’s Works at New York Fashion Week 2013


       Pearypie at London Fashion Week 2013


Pearypie’s Works (from her portfolios)


Pearypie and her Galaxy Look

“I don’t believe that doing makeup is like calculating maths.” – Pearypie


First of all, I think Pearypie is very different from other makeup gurus/artists. She delivers the new dimension of beauty to the audience by working beyond the given themes. She does not see makeup as contouring, applying lots of foundation, or overly-perfected eyebrows, but views makeup as art. And I think that differentiates her from others.


Pearypie’s Mini How To’s: “Neonoise”

Secondly, she has a great personality. I feel like she always looks out for improvements and new ideas all the time. She is also very casual, energetic, and cute. It has always been an enjoyable thing to look up her Instagram^^~ (@pearypie).

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Pearypie’s Instagram Updates



Instagram: @pearypie





Pearypie’s website:

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My Cute Little Brownie

So I went shopping on last weekend and found the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! It was a chocolate brown bunny<3

At this point, you guys might think this is an actual like alive bunny or something, but…hey…guess what? ….this bunny is a soft toy=__=…Now some of you might be a little disappointed and wonder why would a teenage girl like me get a soft toy for herself, and blablabla whatsoever! Well, let me tell you! I live in a boarding environment, and sometimes…I get a little bit lonely and I am unable to seek for my family or my dog’s company in this friggin boarding house! SO I need something to you know, fulfill my childish side in my freetime, and that happens to be “Brownie”, my cute little bunny^^~.


There is a long story behind my Brownie. So as I said before, I went shopping and found this soft toy in a book store (I didn’t really know why they put it there-_-). It instantly got my attention. It was sooooooo super when I first touched it, and along with the super cute appearance, I felt that I had to get that doll. Unfortunately, the price was a bit too high so my friend and I decided to leave the store and tried to find somewhere else cheaper. We walked for a whole day, like no joke! We walked all over the city centre, trying to find a similar soft toy that will be my little buddy at the boarding house:) The job was difficult and we were giving up, but FINALLY, as we were randomly walking pass blocks of cafe and tried to find somewhere to sit, WE SPOTTED A TOY STORE WITH MY BUNNY displaying at the front. My first a big scream of joy, then I ran into the store immediately. The store was full of little kids and mums…I think we stood out the most since we were the only two teenagers there-_-…but I didn’t really care, because I have found my buddy Brownie<3 She’s cute, soft, and huggable! I think no other soft toy can be as perfect as her^^!

So that’s it for this week’s CRAYON! Thanks for GETTING YOUR CRAYON with me and I am so sorry that I have not been posting anything at all…I’ll try my best to keep up with it:)

PS. Her name is Brownie, because she’s dark brown and looks as sweet as brownie^^! (Does that even make sense?)

Laters Crayoners!

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About Your Crayon


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So I believe that many of you have heard of the word “crayon” before. Well, at least back in the old days when we were all in prep school. The word itself might remind us about those colouring things that we used as kids or something about art. BUT!! Did you know that THIS CRAYON has anpther different meaning!

This is not like other crayons!
This is not like other crayons!

Yeah, that’s right! As the picture says, it basically means “crazy on”, but just to make it sounds simpler and cool, I use the word “crayon” instead!

The purpose of this blog is to share “your crayon” with others and me! And when I say “crayon”, I mean anything that you THINK about it more than THREE times a week. For example, your crayon dog, cat, art, music, photography, shopping, travel, or something stupid like baby talking even you’re a teenager… you know what I’m saying right?

So I’ll be sharing my crayons and you’ll be sharing yours, and together, we can fill this blog with all the craze and fun from everywhere around the world! I hope you guys will enjoy SHARING AND GETTING YOUR CRAYON WITH ME!!