My Cute Little Brownie

So I went shopping on last weekend and found the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! It was a chocolate brown bunny<3

At this point, you guys might think this is an actual like alive bunny or something, but…hey…guess what? ….this bunny is a soft toy=__=…Now some of you might be a little disappointed and wonder why would a teenage girl like me get a soft toy for herself, and blablabla whatsoever! Well, let me tell you! I live in a boarding environment, and sometimes…I get a little bit lonely and I am unable to seek for my family or my dog’s company in this friggin boarding house! SO I need something to you know, fulfill my childish side in my freetime, and that happens to be “Brownie”, my cute little bunny^^~.


There is a long story behind my Brownie. So as I said before, I went shopping and found this soft toy in a book store (I didn’t really know why they put it there-_-). It instantly got my attention. It was sooooooo super when I first touched it, and along with the super cute appearance, I felt that I had to get that doll. Unfortunately, the price was a bit too high so my friend and I decided to leave the store and tried to find somewhere else cheaper. We walked for a whole day, like no joke! We walked all over the city centre, trying to find a similar soft toy that will be my little buddy at the boarding house:) The job was difficult and we were giving up, but FINALLY, as we were randomly walking pass blocks of cafe and tried to find somewhere to sit, WE SPOTTED A TOY STORE WITH MY BUNNY displaying at the front. My first a big scream of joy, then I ran into the store immediately. The store was full of little kids and mums…I think we stood out the most since we were the only two teenagers there-_-…but I didn’t really care, because I have found my buddy Brownie<3 She’s cute, soft, and huggable! I think no other soft toy can be as perfect as her^^!

So that’s it for this week’s CRAYON! Thanks for GETTING YOUR CRAYON with me and I am so sorry that I have not been posting anything at all…I’ll try my best to keep up with it:)

PS. Her name is Brownie, because she’s dark brown and looks as sweet as brownie^^! (Does that even make sense?)

Laters Crayoners!

XX Crayon